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March is problem gambling awareness month

a safe haven for families in recovery

An Investment with a big return

Fighting opioids in iowa

National Recovery month 2018


Promoting Self-Care in the Workplace

The Opioid Epidemic: Where Does Iowa Stand

Talking to Your Teen About Your Addiction

Summer Is a Great Time to Start Treatment

Healthy Screen Time Guidelines

SAMHSA: National Prevention Week 

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Stakes Are Always High

SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder

When Life Feels out of Control - Coping with Stress

Tailgating Sober: Rebuilding A Favorite Tradition

Navigating the Holidays Substance-Free

Supporting Your Loved One: How to Help and When to Draw the Line

Drinking & Driving - What you should know, what you can do.

Talking to Your Teen About College Pressures: The Dos and Don’ts of Productive Conversations

Celebrate this summer!

Operation Dry Water - Stay Safe While Boating

What To Do If You Suspect Your Teen Is Drinking

You're Not Alone: Addiction Statistics in the United States

Talking With Your Teen About Marijuana

How Do I Know If I'm an Enabler?

The Parent's Role in Recovery

The Signs of a Gambling Addiction

Q&A: Substance AbuseTreatment and Recovery

What To Do After Getting an OWI in Iowa

To Children of Substance Abusers: You Didn't Create This Problem

What To Look For In A Treatment Provider

Managing Holiday Stress and Growing In Recovery

What Are the Insurance Options for Treatment?

How Long Does Treatment Take?

How Addiction Can Affect An Entire Community

Stop Punishing. Seek Help.

Does Treatment Work?

Coming to Terms with Your Addiction.

Recovery Stories

National Recovery Month 2015

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Good for Employees. Good for Business.

What Are My Recovery Options for Getting Help with Gambling Issues?

How to Handle an OWI as a Commercial Driver’s License Holder

What are Co-Occurring Disorders (COD)?

What is CARF Accreditation?

SAP Questions and Answers

Signs Your Child has a Drug Problem

Dealing with Anxiety, Worry, and Panic

How Much does Treatment Cost?

What are my Options for Getting Help with Prescription Drug Abuse?

How to Talk to Someone About Their Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

What Are My Options for Getting Help with Alcohol Dependency?

Partying or Problem: 5 Ways to Know That Your Drinking is Out of Control

Prelude Celebrates Kick Butts Day March 18, 2015

Welcome to Prelude!

We're Here to Help.

At Prelude, we work tirelessly to improve the lives of individuals, their families, and members of their communities.

From prevention to intensive residential care, Prelude offers a range of services to help you and your loved one lead a full, productive life.  Prelude Behavioral Services has been providing comprehensive services since 1969. We are committed to serving hard-to-reach and disenfranchised populations and to breaking down barriers that hinder access to behavioral health care for all Iowans.



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