Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Good for Employees. Good for Business.

Posted by Heather Schrock on Aug 11, 2015 9:00:00 AM


Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offered by Synchrony, is a valuable benefit that could make a huge difference in a person’s or company’s existence.  EAP services are meant to be proactive and give an employee the opportunity to receive help that may be necessary in their life to improve their wellbeing, home life and work life.  EAP services assist employees in coping with variety of issues ranging from childrearing to serious mental illness, from stress management to managing an addiction.

None of us were born knowing how to parent a child with a ADHD or help an adolescent with a substance abuse issue, how to go on after a loss, especially when the grief is non-finite, disenfranchised, or otherwise complex…  How many of us took a course on how to cope with a divorce, mend a strained relationship, adapt to an empty nest or a new member of the family (thru birth or adoption), or grow stronger as we age? Yet, every person in a workplace has faced similar personal issues that at one time or another interfered with their job performance. A lot of times the strength of a character is revealed not in how much we can bear in life, but in our ability to seek timely assistance and feel good about it. At the end, not only you have a chance to improve your personal life, but also improve your performance and become even more valuable employee for your company. Meanwhile the employer is able to retain an expert who is able to be efficient in what he or she does as well as live a well-balanced life outside the workplace. So, everybody wins!

EAP services are also designed to provide crisis interventions in the workplace. Our coworkers are people we spend significant part of our time with. In fact, a lot of times we spend more time with our co-workers than with our family! When something bad happens to one of our team members it affects us in more ways than we expected. Crisis may come in a form of a serious illness, injury, trauma at work, assault, a crime against one of the coworkers, the company, or community, natural disasters, or another event that causes distress companywide.  Different work environments may warrant different crisis, but whatever it is, EAP counselors are trained to provide appropriate assistance. So, crisis management and intervention is another reason to consider getting and utilizing EAP services.

Usually EAP services are not considered employee health or welfare benefits and are primarily designed to address the workplace productivity issues.  EAP services are offered at no cost to the employees with the goal to help them achieve their greatest potential as a worker, manager or supervisor.  Essentially EAP is an assessment, brief counseling and referral service that may be continued after the few initial sessions. Generally, EAP benefits both the employer and the employee and it’s in the best interest of all to seek help before a crisis hits. Usually, it takes a long time for a crisis to build up. For example, accumulative stress may affect our emotional, psychological, and physical functioning, and may even trigger symptoms of mental health problems. So, how can we prevent the crisis and be more successful at managing our lives?  Be proactive and learn more about your EAP services and use them to discover a better and happier you!

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