The journey to manage addiction may not be quick, but it's an important mission.

There is hope. There is a solution. Change is possible. 

GenLanding395x497.pngPrelude Behavioral Services, a certified CARF organization, offers safe, confidential treatment options for men and women struggling with alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental health. With locations in Iowa City and Des Moines, Prelude has offered assistance to many people struggling with addictive behaviors, including dependency on drugs and alcohol, and problem gambling.  

Addiction is never easy and it's never your fault. Whether you are struggling with addiction personally or know a loved one who is, recovery can start at any time. Addicts can struggle to see the psychological and physical consequences that their addiction has on them and their loved ones. To help you understand addiction, Prelude offers individualized treatment to help determine the level of care needed to achieve recovery goals. 

To help guide you through recovery or the recovery of a loved onePrelude has put together three different guides to assist you in understanding addiction and speaking about it. These guides are built on our experience with these topics through our years of work in the industry. 

These guides will help you with:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Drug Addiction
  • Talking about Addiction with your Children
Need help today? To get the quickest answers to your questions, or if you would like more information about alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental health please feel free to contact us here.


Alcohol Addiction

Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic, but it can cause a huge impact on your life. Download our guide to learn more about alcoholism and it's consquences.


Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a disease and it affects many Americans every day. Prelude offers several different individualized treatment options that you can choose.  


 Parent's Guide to Addiction

Your child is an inseperable part of your life. They need your help to answer their questions. Help them understand addiction by downloading our guide.