What Are the Insurance Options for Treatment?

Posted by Prelude on Nov 18, 2015 2:31:12 PM

Substance abuse treatment and drug rehabilitation insurance options Iowa.There’s a lot to think about when you are making the decision to seek help for substance use. Even if budget is a factor, it shouldn’t deter you from getting the help you need. It seems like there is always talk about the rising cost of healthcare, and you are wondering if your insurance policy will cover your substance abuse recovery costs. Remember that there are options available and that your recovery should always be your primary focus.

What Are the Insurance Options for Treatment?

Private Healthcare

It is important to note that almost all private health care policies do cover addiction and recovery services in some way, shape or form. Addiction service coverage ranges from policy to policy. Alcoholism and drug addiction are recognized diseases by the American Medical Association and are taken seriously by healthcare providers. No matter how long you have been battling substance abuse, there is help available.

Affordable Care Act

If you are covered by the Affordable Care Act, know that it provides coverage for addiction and rehabilitation services as one of the ten elements of essential health benefits. This means more health care providers can offer and be reimbursed for the recovery services they provide.  For additional resources on the ACA, visit or

Treatment Centers

Before you choose the treatment center best suited for you, make sure you understand their healthcare policies. Decide which type of recovery environment would work best for you. Would you prefer residential programs or outpatient care? From there, locate a treatment facility that accepts your addiction treatment insurance policy. Depending on which insurance policy you have, you may only be responsible for paying a copay. While your are recovering, the last thing you should need to worry about are financial matters, so make sure you call your insurance company and prospective treatment centers before you start paying for treatments.

When you have made a decision on which type of treatment center you prefer, be certain you bring your insurance information with you for each visit. Many treatment centers, including Prelude, are providers of Medicaid.

The last coverage aspect to think about is physical and tuberculosis testing. Many facilities require these tests to be conducted before, or during admission. If you can obtain verification of a physical or TB test before admission, that can save you from paying for a co-pay.  Check with the treatment center to see what requirements need to be met before treatment begins.

Do not get discouraged about the financial aspects of the recovery process. There are several options available to pay for treatments, and you should always remember that your health and well-being are the number one priority. If Prelude is the treatment center you choose, you can be assured that they will get you the help you need, regarding of your ability to pay. To find out more, check out this article.

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