April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Posted by Prelude on Apr 10, 2015 9:18:00 AM


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Communities nationwide come together to celebrate the great childhoods we can build for all children. Watch for blue pinwheels that symbolize the joyful, carefree childhood all children deserve.

The Community Partnership for Protecting Children (CPCC), and local east Iowa coalitions have designated April 10 as Blue-Out Day. CPCC encourages everyone to wear blue to bring awareness to child maltreatment and neglect.

According to Prevent Child Abuse Iowa, in 2013, there were 12,267 children abused in the state of Iowa, a 5 percent increase from the year before. Half of those victims were children under the age of six.Loving_Parent

Another area of concern is denial of critical care which indicates a parent or caretaker failed to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, or other care necessary for a child’s well-being. There were 14,279 cases in 2013.

The Prevent Child Abuse Iowa has a number of resources and events planned, check out their website at

Why does is matter to our organization?  Healthy children begin with healthy parents which equals healthy communities.Words_Every_Child_Need_to_Here

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