Healthy Screen Time Guidelines

Posted by Prelude on Jun 6, 2017 1:20:13 PM

Children who live in homes with clear expectations and rules are less likely to make high-risk choices like using drugs and alcohol. While children are out of school this summer setting clear boundaries around screen time can be a positive step towards preventing high-risk choices.

For parents and families1:

  • Model appropriate behavior – balance your own technology use
  • Educate yourself about new devices, games, apps, or online activities

Strategies to manage technology use for the whole family 2:

  • Create “no screen” areas throughout the house (ex. At the dinner table or bedrooms)
  • Turn off screens at a certain time each night
  • Have tech-free days – challenge yourself and your family to a “media fast”


For Children3:

Birth – 3 years: No or minimal screen time

Not interacting with technology allows your child to develop relationships with others and sensory-motor skills through playing

Age 3 – 6 : One hour with parental supervision

Example: Use electronic toys that teach numbers, letters, and sounds

Age 6 – 9: Supervised use less than 2 hours per day

Example: Play active video games with family and friends

Age 9 – 12: Responsible use less than 2 hours per day

Example: Use the internet under supervision

Age 12 – 18: Independence with technology

Make sure your child stays involved with school activities and friends/family       

Information from:

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