How Addiction Can Affect An Entire Community

Posted by Prelude on Nov 6, 2015 1:18:41 PM

Prelude - Addiction Help IowaWhen you’re dealing with addiction, it can feel like you’re stranded on an island. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Help is out there, and you can get it simply by reaching out. Friends, family and treatment facilities are there to help.  They always will be. And, to be honest, it will probably surprise you just how much support you actually have. It’s just that right now in this moment, you may not be able to see it.  

It’s your life that is being impacted the most by addiction, but the “ripple” effect of this chronic illness touches everyone around you as well. It affects not only your immediate family but also your friends, employers, colleagues, neighbors and the community where you reside. Your decision to seek out a new beginning is not only going to improve your life but the lives of the people who care about you, too. As much as addiction has a negative “ripple”, the recovery “ripple” is just the opposite.

We’d like to share one such example. Tonya came to Prelude following years of domestic violence and substance abuse. An abusive childhood led to an abusive marriage, and she turned to methamphetamine to escape the constant torment in her home. She doubted her self-worth. Doubting her ability as a parent, she gave up custody of her children. Doubting the value of her life, she injected drugs and neglected her health. Doubting she would ever see her kids again, she came to us. The “ripple” began.

Prelude not only provided her the support and treatment she needed to get and stay sober, our case managers helped with the other challenges in a very complicated life. We found her employment resources to get a job. She moved on to our Transitional Housing Program to begin building a home while receiving the continued support services she needed to restart her life. We assisted in finding a lawyer that would help her get her children back into her life. She began mending the relationships with family and friends that she had abused for so many years. Her support system became strong.

Now, four years clean, Tonya has a good job, volunteers for a local agency, and has purchased and moved into a home of her own -- with her children. She has reclaimed her life and started giving back to the community that not only supported her but welcomed her warmly.

Tonya knows that there will always be hurdles in her life. She has healing to do with her kids and bills to pay, but with a new-found belief in her ability to provide for herself, her family and her community, she knows she can cope with whatever lies ahead. She would tell you that Prelude saved her life--she's told us a few times--but what we really did is start a chain of positive events (ripples) that grew beyond us, even beyond Tonya. 

Just like Tonya, you will find your support and community in recovery. Remember, choosing a new beginning will improve your life as well as the lives of those around you - in ways you never thought possible.

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