Posted by Audrey Schroer on Apr 4, 2018 5:41:00 PM

By Audrey Schroer, MPH – Employee Assistance Program Coordinator

Providing feedback to employees is an essential task for managers and supervisors. But, are you taking the time to move past simply providing feedback and coaching them? Like coaching a sport, coaching employees is a process of working to redirect ineffective behaviors and reinforce effective behaviors; it adds a “how” and a “why” to the feedback.

One way to incorporate coaching into regular supervision meetings is to use the GROW model. The GROW model is a series of questions to ask your employee with the objective of moving past simply setting a goal for improved performance, but giving the employee tools and confidence to actually achieve this goal. Let’s take closer look at some of the questions involved in the GROW model.

  • Goal – Like any process, you and your employee need to know where you are going before you plan out how to get there.
    • Sample goal-oriented questions include: What would you like to accomplish?
    • What is the ideal outcome for this situation?
    • Why would you like to achieve this goal?
  • Current Reality – It’s important to clearly define where they are in relation to their goal.
    • Sample questions to define the current reality of the situation include: Have you already taken any steps towards your goal?
    • On a scale from one to ten, where are you right now?
    • What have you already tried to move you towards this goal?
  • Options or Obstacles – Help your employee brainstorm different ways to accomplish their goal and what barriers they can expect along the way.
    • Sample questions probe for brainstorming options and potential obstacles include: What could be your first step?
    • What has worked for you already? How could you do more of that?
    • What’s the best and worst thing about that option?
  • Will or Way Forward – Coaching and goal setting can only go so far if the employee isn’t able to commit to pursuing their goal.
    • Sample questions to illicit a commitment to moving forward include: What resources can help you?
    • When are you going to start?
    • On a scale of one to ten, how committed/motivated are you to taking action? What would it take to make that number a ten?

Incorporating these questions into your next supervision meet will not only better equip your employees to improve their performance, but it will let them know that you are invested in their professional growth and development.



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